Products-Temperature Controllers

C Serials

C serial refrigeration/freezer controllers are on/off digital thermostats or thermometers studied for refrigerating system manage ment through the compressor and defrost ( by stopping compressor ) management. Used in refrigeration field, the instruments have NTC probes. Some parameters permit to set the thermostat to protect the compressor against overloads and short cut circuit running. They can arrange defrosts according with customers requires. With the plastic click, the controllers are very easy to install to the mounting hole. There are 10 models in this serial. C-01 and C-02 are electrical thermometer, and C-03 to C-10 are controllers with temperature display.


C300 Serials

C300 Serials controllers are designed to refrigeration facilities. With reserve power supply, after power disconnected, they can alarm 2 minutes and continue to display temperature 20 hours.



The C12 Thermoelectric Temperature Controller is a precision instrument that utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control technology to provide accurate temperature control of thermoelectric devices. The C12 is a bi-directional controller with selectable voltage output and a full “H” bridge capable of load currents of up to ten amperes. The unit’s LED front control panel can be used to adjust the setpoint temperature, to view the current temperature, or to fine-tune the control parameters for higher accuracy or faster response.


C200 Serials

C200 Serial controller is designed for kitchen refrigeration equipments and commercial refrigeration equipments. It can measure the temperature in the cabinet and the evaporator temperature at the same time. In addition, it owns multiple functions: temperature control (It can set the refrigeration & heat model.), defrost control, alarm and so on.There are 4 models in this serial:C201,C201A,C202,C202A.......


C207 series

C207 series Controller is designed for refrigeration equipment control. It can control and protect the compressor. At the same time it can control the defrosting, the circle defrosting or the real time defrosting to meet the needs of different occasions. And it can control the evaporator fan. In addition there are 3 types temperature measurement. That is it can measure the temperature in the cabinet, the evaporator temperature, and the condenser temperature.


C212 series

C212 is the temperature controller designed for HVAS systems. It measures and controls the temperature of the system(available in cooling or heating model).The unit provides many convenient functions including defrost ,high or low temperature overrun alarms, sensor malfunction alarm, compressor delay protection, and compressor auto shut off in case of system malfunction. The temperature on display can be switched between oF and oC.


C403X series

This controller is designed for use in commercial refrigeration, heating/cooling, and air conditioning applications. It replaces most mechanical-electrical controllers by providing more precise temperature readings and simpler selectable heating/cooling modes. It also allows for easy programming, such as temperature set back, to aid in energy conservation. Models are available in one stage or two stages.